Live Support

Our Support Consultants are incredibly knowledgeable and helpful and provide personalized technical and tutorial support by phone (1-866-279-1457) or by email ( Whichever method works best for our students, works for us and we are always here to help.

Meet two members of our team. 

Geet Amin, Senior Technical and Tutorial Support Consultant, is one of our support staff available to help with any problems you might be having relating to the program from downloading your program curriculum to solving content-based questions. Geet brings his broad expertise and experience to the job, making sure our students have all the support they need to be successful in their program.

Dwayne Nehls, our online tutor, has assisted with curriculum development and worked as a tutor for the online technical certificate programs for over 14 years. He is also responsible for the online tutorial forums and develops web based resources to assist students with difficult areas of the course material.