Interactive Curriculum - MW

The Automation, Electronics, Electromechanical, Robotics, Electric Vehicle, Wind Turbine and PLC program material has been designed to provide an interactive learning experience that engages students and makes learning easier and more enjoyable. Each of the program's curriculum includes the theory, examples, practice material and simulation software. The content is comprised of text, animations, hundreds of images, illustrations and mini audio clips. Key concepts in theory are reinforced through practical examples. These exercises are intended to increase your knowledge and understanding of the material and prepare you for the module exams. Our Student Resource Center then backs this up with quick and easy access to Technical and Tutorial Consultants, who are there to help students when they need it, with advice, explanation or additional learning materials.

The wide range of interactive learning elements provide students with a rich learning experience, including:

Computer Based Presentation of Theory and Application

Image of an screen with an osciliscope

Animations Demonstrating High Priority and Difficult Concepts


Laboratory Projects


End of Section Questions

Screen Image

Online Discussion Forums for Access to Tutors and Other Students

Discussion Forums

End of Module Practice Exam

Interactive Exam Question screen image