EV Program Costs

Electric Vehicle Technician
Program Costs

We offer a range of registration options, to make it convenient and affordable for you to register in the Electric Vehicle Technician Certificate.

Register now and get started in the program for $580

Our pay-as-you-learn option allows you to enrol in the program for $580, which pays for the Interactive Learning Package including lab simulation software and the web-based curriculum  for all 14 modules in the program. Also included in this fee are the tuition, final exam, and ancillary fees for Module 1 as well as the technical and tutorial support for the course material. After you complete the first module, you simply pay for additional modules as you work through them. The tuition fee for each module is $90, and you are under no obligation to purchase any additional modules. The remaining 13 modules can be purchased individually or in groups and the total cost to complete the program (including learning materials) is $1,750. 

Register in the complete program for $1,750

Register into the complete program and you will have full access to all modules and learning resources in the program. Full registration includes all tuition fees and learning material fees for the program and represents the entire program cost. It also includes the laboratory simulation software program and access to all of the learning resources for the 14 modules as well web-based supplemental resources, free tutorial and technical support and online testing.

Purchase the curriculum material on its own for $490

If you would like to purchase the web-based curriculum material on its own and preview it before registering into the program, it is available at a cost of $490. Once you decide to register you still have the option to pay the tuition fees for the modules and earn course credits.

Refund Policy

In order to receive a refund, a written request to withdraw from the program is required. The withdraw letter should be received by the department not later or within 10 business days from the date the student receives the course materials. There will be a $20 administration charge per module. There is no refund on course materials for this program.

For further assistance contact a Program Consultant toll-free at, 1-844-223-6344, or email us at info@hagerstown-gbc.com