Safety, Maintenance, and Repairs

This module describes the difference between active safety and passive safety and outlines the most important safety features found in EVs. It also covers safety risks associated with ADAS and hazardous conditions such as arc flashes.  Safety equipment such as PSSs, battery protection units and battery management systems are also described. In addition, the module also includes a discussion of PPE requirements for troubleshooting EVs as well as safe troubleshooting practices.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of this module the student will be able to:

  • Differentiate between active safety and passive safety
  • List seven safety features found in EVs
  • Describe the two main safety risks associated with ADAS
  • Distinguish between an arc flash and an arc blast
  • Explain the operation of a pyrotechnic safety switch (PSS)
  • Differentiate between an active and passive discharge system
  • Compare a battery protection unit and battery management system
  • Distinguish the maintenance procedures for high voltage vehicles
  • Name five types of sensors in an EV charging station
  • Describe a typical EV maintenance schedule
  • Differentiate between PIDs and DTCs
  • List five types of essential PPE for troubleshooting HV systems
  • Apply safe troubleshooting practices to HV systems
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